Wednesday, June 2, 2010


Right, this is a little gutsy for me, but i've been advised to be more 'interactive' with my blog, post pictures, ask questions that sort of thing.  So here goes...i'm posting a picture Gregory took of my tummy at week 15.  I would post the one when we first found out, but for some reason we took it when I was naked and lying down so it looks like a very, very bad amateur porn.  I will spare you such sights.  I don't know why that seemed like a good angle to take it from at the time.  Not much to show for our efforts yet, but lets remember I was training for a marathon and it is my first go at this pregnancy gig.  I'm sure any subsequent peanuts will make their presence felt far sooner!


  1. WOW! You don't look much different to the untrained eye....yet! Loads of people would love to look so lean and fit during pregnancy. Lucky you.

  2. early days yet my aunt...there is nowhere to go but out...gregory was 11 pounds. which shouldn't be allowed.

  3. Hey Naomi
    Am new to your blog (I don't often read them as I feel like Im snooping!) But its nice to hear some honest pregnancy commentary :) I plan to give the whole pregnancy thing a shot myself in the next few months so its nice to hear about your journey. Your photos are great!

  4. No fair- you're arching your back! Suspect this peanut will have your fine physique- yummy mummy! xo

  5. hi paige - i'm new to blogging too, and yes it is a bit voyeuristic, it feels weird to me too. i highly recommend the pregnancy thing, it has to be the most amazing, bizarre experience going! thanks very much for reading
    sal - ah yes, nothing like a bit of scoliosis to make you look skinnier! things are starting to even out a bit now though!


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