Wednesday, June 30, 2010


Take a gander at this picture people.  Even the technician was a little startled when it popped up on the screen.  I don’t quite know how she did it, it looks like something Salvador Dali would come up with. 
But lets focus on the positives – what a beautiful lip line it has.  (Further convincing me we’re having a girl).  And true, it looks like a snotty pig face, but it’s our snotty pig face, so we’ve got no one to blame but ourselves.
Tomorrow night is pelvic floor class – and yes, Gregory is coming with me – although our friend unhelpfully said to him that he reckons Gregory is going to be the only guy there, then even more unhelpfully added that in the antenatal class he went to, they separated him from his partner and made him do group work with total strangers.  That would be absolute torture for Gregory, not that I’m looking forward to that either, but I’m used to stupid improv. and getting to know you games.  I’m in musical theatre, there’s usually something of that in your first rehearsal.
On the upside, said our friend trying to make Gregory feel better, all the other women who turned up alone, are going to go home raving about the one fabulous father who was there and how they wished they had such a supportive birth partner.
It could make for a fabulous blog people…stand by for updates…


  1. Haha.. Amazing! Hope you are alright and not too tired as when I was down there. :) Hugs from Jackie

  2. much better thanks - pregnancy acne and clothing issues are preoccupying me right now! thanks for reading, i hope you're well


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