Thursday, July 7, 2011

THE FILM BROKER - today's profile of a stranger

There is a man sitting at a table adjacent to me in the café eating two fried sausages and a small cappuccino with three sugars.
The café is a great spot to people watch because they serve excellent coffee, have a super cute chef (he’s mine, you can’t have him) and the waitresses love Miss Q so she is promptly taken out of my arms and spends her time helping them serve the guests and making her pterodactyl noise which is endearing when you realise she’s not yelling at you.

I’ve seen this man before, he’s always alone, but friendly.
He is bald because he shaves his entire head, but by 3pm in the afternoon you can see a shadow of the ring of hair that spans the lower half of his skull. It’s neater this way though. Cleaner. He is a little fastidious. An incomplete head of hair would irritate him.

He wears a black sweater with a zipper at the front. Today it is unzipped as far as it will allow, exposing a chest that I don’t believe is hairless by genetics.
His black glasses are trimmed with red and help him view his computer screen. He is intent on his task, but only after he’s finished his sausages.

He has the belly most men his age who enjoy life possess, but he tries to counteract it with an Atkins Diet that he adapts to his own desire. Meat mostly, no bread. But the milk in the three to five cappuccinos he has each day he chooses to ignore.

He looks to be about fifty.
Does he have a job?
I think he’s in film.
Yes, he’s one of those people that brokers deals between film producers and investors.
He knows people.
Important, wealthy people.
He mightn’t be as well positioned as they are but they receive him none the less.

He is gentle by nature. A facilitator.
Gay I think. Currently single. Dates frequently, committed for a few months here, a few months there. He pays for everything, but he never lets them move in.

He’s happy enough. Heading to Russia next summer. A river tour down the Volga. He’ll go alone and that doesn’t bother him one bit.

This is today's Profile Of A Stranger.

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