Wednesday, July 27, 2011


I've never had much success with scratchies.
I've got horrible luck with raffles, don't know how to enter the lottery.
I've never even won so much as a meat tray.

But I did place as a finalist in the Kleenex mum's blogging competition.
They sent me a lovely overnight bag.

Of course, the winner won an ipad.
Now wouldn't that have been sweet, sweet revenge...


  1. Hi Naomi

    This could be the start of something new next time you just might win!! Glad to find you here in blogland, I'm new to blogging and still trying to learn everything how to add things on my page etc LOL
    If you ever get a spare minute I hope you come over and join my sisterhood http://lovewendysworld.blogspot and say hello. Nice to find new friend in you, I will come back often and say hello and see what you have been up too.

    Always Wendy

  2. welcome friend - the blog world is a minefield of comments, back-links, bold font, keywords and who knows what else...we shall get there wendy! i'll head over to your site and check it out, thanks for reading mine.


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