Wednesday, July 27, 2011


This is what Gregory failed to see...twice

Gregory wanted to buy an iPad.

But I told him that the SEVEN HUNDRED DOLLARS we donated to the state revenue service for him running TWO RED LIGHTS IN TWO WEEKS was his iPad.

About the only good thing about the whole catastrophe was that because the RTA woman had been a royal witch to him when he’d gone to get his Australian licence, he was still driving on his US one and therefore couldn’t lose any points.

In situations such as this you have to be thankful for small mercies.

So I am thankful to the witch at the RTA and I hope she is just as unhelpful to many others thereby accidentally assisting them in their quest to circumvent the rules of the road.

Seven hundred dollars is a lot of money.

I have a friend who has an arrangement with her husband that if they do something stupid like drop a bottle of wine, lose their keys or RUN TWO RED LIGHTS IN TWO WEEKS, they have to pay back the money by depriving themselves of their ritualistic pleasures.

For example I would have to give up my coffee-purchasing habit and I am a hot beverage whore so that would be very hard indeed.

Gregory, by comparison, is a cookbook whore. 
To be fair he is a chef, but those books are bloody expensive.

And so I have banned him.
Based on an average price of $80, the next 7.5 books he wants to buy he shall be refused.
He can sit at Dymocks and stare at them instead.
Pour over the big, shiny pages, drool on the photographs of dishes so intricate and fine, memorise the ingredients, but he shall not buy.

And so shall he learn.

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  1. Make him go to the library.

    My husband was caught speeding by the same camera in the same spot two weeks in a row and tried to blame one on me!

  2. same deal with g - maybe it's a road's and traffic authority conspiracy!!! he too tried to blame it on me...


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