Tuesday, July 26, 2011

THE SINGLE MOTHER - Today's profile of a stranger

She’s a very controlled person.
Dies her hair red, she’s feisty like a redhead but not as passionate. She doesn’t allow herself to be. She reads a lot. Books on parenting and successful people, but only the ones with a holistic, organic approach. She’s not interested in big business.

She had a daughter young. No contact with the father. She’s not good at that. She knows it’s not the best thing for her daughter but it’s the only way she knows how to be. Her life needs order. He would disorganise.
Her daughter can have contact when she’s older and not living under her roof. Then she needn’t know about it.

It’s not that she’s cruel. She just knows she couldn’t cope with that, so it’s better she doesn’t try because she’d lose control and that wouldn’t be good for anyone.

She’s independent. Likes it that way. Worked hard her whole life to prove she can be.
She’d like to travel. To Africa. And South America. Particularly Peru. She’ll wait a few years though. Her daughter is only sixteen at the moment.

She’s gentle though, and very loving. Firm with her daughter, but only because she wants her to be kind and loving. Good grades are important because her daughter is clever and you should always honour your skills by using them well, but it’s not as important to her as being a nice person.

She uses the library a lot. And always wonders why others don’t. She does pilates twice a week and learns Spanish on Thursday nights at the local night school.

She’s content. She likes a slower paced life. She loves her daughter tremdously, and her daughter loves her. They’re happy together, they have a great time in each other’s company and she’s terribly proud of that.

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